Mitsubishi creates the world’s fastest lift

The future of lifts will see Mitsubishi’s creation travel up at 3,281ft a minute

Technology is moving onward and upward at an increasing pace, literally in the case of Mitsubishi’s new lift that speeds faster than any other. If you’ve got a head for heights and happen to be in the region of the Shanghai Tower in 2014, then you can take a ride on the world’s fastest lift.

The super-lift was designed by Mitsubishi so new skyscrapers can be accessed on all levels in record time. The Shanghai Tower project will comprise 106 lifts all capable of climbing at 59ft per second, which is a dizzying 3,281ft a minute.

Not only is it fast but the lift even employs air pressure control to adapt to the atmospheric changes as you climb, propelled along smoothly by the magnetic motor. The lift also uses a high-sound insulation cage with a streamlined aerodynamic cover for a near-silent ride. And despite roller-coaster speeds, there’s no risk thanks to the fine ceramic safety gears capable of withstanding intense heat. They’ve even got a hydraulic oil buffer at the bottom acting as a shock absorber. All very exciting, unless you work in that building and were hoping to use the lifts as your excuse for lateness.

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