Goldilocks would love these ‘just right’ Marshall Mids

Though mostly she prefers in-ears, as messed-up hair is poor image management

I deduce, from the name, that this is a new mid-sized lug muffler?

Slow down there, Dirk Gently. What if the name of these headphones alluded to their unique ability to single out the mid-range levels of the music played through them? Mid-range is the new bass, they say.

They do not. And that would sound abysmal.

Aye, to your bass-punched ears maybe. Or have you thought that, given the hi-fi industry's passion for the 'UK tuning' of electronics, Marshall has perhaps dabbled in regional tuning? We think a Midlands sound would be awesome. All Black Sabbathy and Sladey.

Look, are you going to...

Alright, alright. If it's 'truth' you want: yes, this is a new Bluetooth on-ear, sized to sit between the £129 Major II and the grander over-ear Marshall Monitor at £179. The thusly named Mids are £169, and available now at With some of the iconic British company's DNA and meaty 40mm drivers we reckon a slab of Sabbath would sound mighty through these, Black Country tuned or not.

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