Gadget of the Day – TEAC SP–X2i speaker system

Easy to forget, but there’s more to life than a new iPhone and Steve Jobs wittering for an hour. So this new TEAC SP–X2i should sate your

Being an iPod dock, this isn’t exactly an Apple free zone, but it’s hearty features and knockdown price should pique your gadgety interest this glorious Monday morning.

Clocking in at just shy of £100, you’ll find 5W per channel, as well as a 15W subwoofer for taking care of all your banging house remixes.

There’s also two auxiliary inputs for using your non–Apple goodies, as well as video out.

On top of that it looks a darn sight better than some of the cheap, tatty models that we catch sight of at least twice a day here at Stuff Towers. We reckon this is well worth a punt if you want to get more grunt from your ‘Pod.


TEAC SP–X2i speaker system

Price: £99.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Teac