Gadget of the Day – NAD Classic Series CD player

Now, seeing as everyone's panicked about cash these days, it could be easy to grab yourself a new CD player from Woolies and be done with it.But you'r

But you're a gadget fan. Not a lover of tat. So this new NAD Classic Series CD player should give you all the hi–fi goodness you need without putting the weekly food shop on hold.

Clocking in at £350, it'll take care of regular CDs as well as SACDs and discs chock full of MP3s and WMAs. Sounds quality's a banker too, with Burr–Brown Amps under the hood. So you don't need to worry about your much–loved bass heavy tunes getting all distorted when you're waking the neighbours at 1am.

We suggest you grab one now and put any thoughts of nasty cheap ghetto blasters to one side.


NAD Classic Series

Price: £350

On sale: Now

Contact: NAD