Gadget of the Day – Iceman V2 Waterproof Nano speakers

Taking your iPod Nano for a swim – not exactly up at the top of the common sense charts is it? Grab yourself this Iceman V2 Waterproof Nano spea

Designed to take all three generations of Apple’s tiniest box of tricks, the speakers are hefty enough to do the job. The case is waterproof and shatterproof too, so you’ve no worries about losing your tunage in a freak water–based mishap.

It also totes a pop out stand for propping up at the end of the bath and a lanyard so you can hang it on the back of the bathroom door while you’re doing the whole shower thing. It even floats if you want to use it as your rubber duck replacement.

It’s yours now from IWOOT for £49.99.


Iceman V2 Waterproof Nano speakers

Price: £49.99

On sale: Now

Contact: IWOOT