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Fully Charged: Three giving 4G to all, Nintendo launches 2DS and lots of GTA V soundtrack details spilled

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Three to offer 4G at no extra cost

From December this year, every Three customer with a 4G-compatible phone or tablet will get 4G at no extra cost. The roll-out will begin in London, Birmingham and Manchester, and Three says that by January 2014, over 1.5 million of its customers will have access to 4G. The transition from 3G to 4G won’t require any new contract or tariff – it’ll simply happen when your Three-connected phone is in a 4G area. Tasty.

Nintendo announces kid-friendly 2DS

Now here’s a bit of a shocker: the Nintendo 2DS. No, 1st April hasn’t come early, and this is a real product: a wedge-shaped 3DS minus the 3D capabilities. It’s an entry-level device – the US price will be $130, which is around £85) – with a non-folding design. In most other respects, it’s fairly similar to the 3DS: the screens are the same size and the same cameras are on board. Basically, this is a Nintendo handheld focussed even more on the kid market than the current offerings. It hits the US on 12th October, and while a European launch date hasn’t been announced, it’s due to head this way at some point. We’ll be attempting to get our hands on one very soon.

Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack revealed

Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack revealed

Rolling Stone has got the scoop on the soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto V – and it’s looking truly amazing. There’ll be 15 radio stations in the game, two of which are talk radio, and 240 licensed songs. There’s also “20 movies worth” of in-game score – and yes, this is the first time a GTA game has actually had a score.

Hosts for the stations are, in true Rockstar style, picked from the great and the good of the music and entertainment world: they include Wavves, Flying Lotus, Tyler The Creator, DJ Pooh, Pam “Jackie Brown” Grier, Kenny Loggins and Bootsy Collins. Head over to Rolling Stone for an enlightening, info-packed interview with Rockstar’s soundtrack supervisor Ivan Pavlovich. [Source: Rolling Stone]

Van Gogh paintings get insanely accurate 3D replicas

Van Gogh paintings get insanely accurate 3D replicas

The latest technology is being harnessed in order to create incredibly accurate 3D prints of some of Vincent Van Gogh’s greatest paintings. Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum is using a technique called Reliefography, developed by Fujifilm, which combines 3D scanning and high-resolution printing to create a replica of not only the the painting but its brushstrokes, its frame and even its back.

These replicas, called Relievos, are of such high quality that it apparently requires an expert to notice that they aren’t originals. As a precaution against anyone seeking to pass them off as such, each one is being marked with an unbreakable seal. Relievos can be sold to anyone wanting a convincing Van Gogh in their living room, and can also be used for education purposes. For one thing, you can touch them without being wrestled to the ground by a gallery guard. [Source: Van Gogh International via PSFK]

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