Fully Charged: PS4 gets price cut and Microsoft considers allowing Android apps on Windows Phone

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Fully Charged: PS4 gets price cut and Microsoft considers allowing Android apps

PlayStation 4 gets its first UK price cut

Good news if you’re planning on buying a PS4: one UK retailer has just chopped £20 off the asking price, reducing it to £330 for a game-free console-and-controller package (at the time of writing it’s out of stock, mind you). GameStop is the first store to cut the PS4’s asking price from its original £350, but it probably won’t be the last – expect rival retailers to follow suit very soon.

[Source: MCV]

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Legendary documentary maker Ken Burns launches iPhone app

Legendary documentary maker Ken Burns launches iPhone app

With a career spanning more than thirty years, Ken Burns is probably the USA’s best-known documentary maker – and now he’s launched an iOS app exploring America’s history. Touching on subjects from baseball to prohibition to the American Civil War, the app includes streaming video from Burns’ documentaries. One playlist (based on the theme of “innovation”, so tech-lovers should enjoy it) is available for free, but the remaining four must be purchased from within the app for £6.99.

You can download the app, which is optimised for Retina display screens and iOS 7, from iTunes.

Ferguson Hill takes to Kickstarter to fund all-new see-through speaker system

British hi-fi company Ferguson Hill is already quite well-known for its unique transparent technology, which utilises a horn shape to produce crystal clear sound from, well, crystal clear speakers. And now it’s cranking things up a notch with the Clear Speaker System, a new package which boasts transparent  horn satellite speakers and transparent spherical bass speakers, plus an integrated amplifier with digital and analogue inputs and Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming.

The system will be available in three configurations: two horn speakers and one bass sphere; two horns and two spheres; and four horns and two spheres. The company is seeking £149,500 in Kickstarter funding for the project, and if you pledge at least £650 you’ll receive a package in return (assuming the campaign hits its funding goal). That’ll represent a significant saving over the regular retail price, which starts at £895 for the entry-level package.

You can check out the campaign here.

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