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Fully Charged: LG G Watch software update addresses burns and corrosion, Flappy Bird is back, and FIFA 15 drops Brazilian league

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LG G Watch updated to prevent discomfort, corrosion

Some LG G Watch wearers have complained of discomfort or even burns since the wearable device launched last month, and such issues have been attributed to the charging pins on the back of the unit – which have also corroded in some instances. Over the weekend, LG started rolling out an over-the-air software update to address the issue.

“While completely safe and unlikely to affect charging,” said an LG rep to Android Police in relation to the pin discoloration and residue buildup, “LG will be rolling out a maintenance release over the next few days that will disable the current when the G Watch is not in the charging dock.”

As one of the two initial Android Wear devices, the G Watch is understandably a very important showcase for both LG and Google, so hopefully this fix addresses the issues reported by users. And we quite liked the watch, which most users don’t seem to be having such issues with, so don’t miss our review from last month if you’re at all curious.

[Source: Android Police]

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Flappy Bird returns, but only on Amazon Fire TV

Flappy Birds Family

The original Flappy Bird was pulled by its creator after many millions of downloads due to its overwhelming success – but now it’s back (as promised), and it brought some friends along The new Flappy Birds Family is available now, however it’s currently only on Amazon Fire TV.

Dodging pipes as a pixelated bird remains the objective, however now you can do it in a split-screen two-player mode on the television, and with a button instead of tapping a touch screen. Due to its platform of choice, UK players don’t currently have a way to check it out, but perhaps creator Dong Nguyen will see fit to spread the love to phones once more.

[Source: Amazon]

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Brazil pro league out of FIFA 15

Due to what EA Sports cites as changes in the way Brazil’s professional football league licenses its players, the entire league will be left out of this autumn’s FIFA 15. EA announced the news late last week, and clarified to Polygon over the weekend that the teams won’t simply be populated with fake players – the teams won’t even be in there at all.

Last year, EA licensed 19 of the 21 Brazilian teams for FIFA 14, and it proved a big addition – but a short-lived one, it seems. The Brazilian national team will be included with its real players, plus any Brazilian stars on licensed squads elsewhere will still be featured, but the Brazilian pro teams themselves are out.

Still, that’s but one small chunk of the overall FIFA 15 experience, and it’s shaping up quite well otherwise. We just named it one of the 20 most exciting games still due out this year, and you can catch EA’s latest gameplay feature trailer – focusing on agility and control – above.

[Source: Polygon]

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Latest Interstellar trailer shows its sci-fi side

Released late last week (and running with Guardians of the Galaxy in cinemas), the third trailer for Interstellar – the latest original film from Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan – is here, and it’s the most revealing look yet at the space travel epic. Bump the above embed into HD and full-screen and soak in the out-there sights and supremely cool ship design.

[Source: YouTube]

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