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Fully Charged: Destiny sequel in development, Dropbox and Microsoft partner up, and Burger King selling India’s Whoppers on eBay

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Destiny sequel development officially underway

Activision just had a fantastic third quarter, beating analysts’ revenue projections, and much of that is due to the success of Destiny. The awesome online first-person shooter is Bungie’s first new IP since birthing the Halo series, and it was always intended to be a multi-game affair.

Now that the initial game is a smash, with Activision claiming more than 9.5 million registered users to date, production on the sequel has officially begun. Activision CEO Eric Hirschberg confirmed the news yesterday during a conference call, but provided no timeline for an expected release.

Luckily, there’s plenty more to come with the original Destiny. The Dark Below, the first expansion pack, is out in December, and another (House of Wolves) will follow early in 2015; plus Hershberg says that Bungie is working on “future expansion packs” beyond those. Good news for any Guardians currently enthralled by the sci-fi shooter.

[Source: Polygon]

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Dropbox and Microsoft partner for Office access

Dropbox with Office integration

Entrenched Dropbox users may be frustrated with the lack of direct access to files from Microsoft Office on various platforms, but that’s about to change. Dropbox yesterday announced a partnership with Microsoft that will integrate the service within the various Office apps, and vice versa.

In the coming weeks, the Office for iPad apps will will gain the ability to access files from Dropbox accounts, plus you can edit Office files from the Dropbox app (which kicks you to the appropriate Office app). Next year, Dropbox will add Office Online support to its web interface, and a Dropbox app is also coming to Windows Phone in the future.

Microsoft may prefer that Office users turn to its own OneDrive service, but supporting the services that people actually want to use can only earn the company goodwill.

[Sources: Dropbox, The Verge]

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Burger King India sells Whoppers on eBay

Whoppers on eBay

How do you get a new country excited about the launch of your internationally-known fast food chain? In 2014, it’s apparently by selling vouchers for burgers and sandwiches on eBay. That’s what Burger King is trying this week as it enters India on Sunday.

Prospective customers can buy a mutton, vegetarian, or chicken Whopper sandwich on eBay for 128 rupees (~£1.30), which earns them a voucher to redeem on the sandwich in the soon-to-open New Delhi location. As of yesterday morning, just over 600 sandwiches had been sold, but we imagine there’s a lot more value in the stunt itself than any resulting sales.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

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Chappie trailer released

Fans of Neill Blomkamp’s excellent District 9 (and/or the pretty good Elysium), take note: the director’s next original film, Chappie, is due out in March, and the first trailer dropped yesterday. His distinctive style is present here, although this tale of a robot developing its own intelligence seems a bit softer-edged than previous efforts – and dare we say, even heartwarming?

The trailer is unnervingly formulaic in spots, but hopefully the film has some surprises in store. If so, it ought to be one to look out for early next year.

[Source: YouTube]

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