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Fully Charged: Apple and Samsung pair up while Spider-Man gets a techy new suit

Start your Monday morning off with a crunchy bowl of tasty tech news

The world’s first confirmed Tegra 4 phone is finally official, but you’ll have to shift yourself to China to get it. The ZTE Geek packs a 1.8GHz quad-core Tegra 4 processor and 2GB of RAM as well as a 5in full HD screen and an 8MP camera. And it’ll arrive in a rather fetching red apparently, though only a Chinese market version is expected at launch. [via Engadget]

Behind enemy lines

Behind enemy lines

Apple and Samsung have apparently signed on a dotted line which will see the two tech giants combine forces once again to supply the latest generation of ARM Cortex-A9-based chips for Apple’s upcoming roster of iThings. Whether or not the iWatch is one of them remains to be seen. [via Mac Rumors]

Spidey gets musical suit

Spidey gets musical suit

Andrew Garfield’s costume for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been upgraded to include a built-in MP3 player with wrist controls for easy access to his track library. Which presumably has playlists entitled ‘web-swinging classics’ and ‘baddie-bashing jams’. It’s a shame we’ll have to wait till 2014 to see it in action though. [via Engadget]

Beijing Water cube transformed into giant mood-o-meter

Artist Jenifer Wen MA and lighting designer Zheng Jianwei have used the Bejing Water Cube’s lighting to represent the varying moods of Chinese mictoblogging site Sina Weibo. Definitely one to watch if you’re a fan of pretty flashing lights. And who isnt? [via The Verge]

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