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Force Touch may only come to iPhone 6s Plus, claims report

It was expected to hit Apple’s next phones, but it might just start on the larger one

We heard last month that Apple is reportedly planning to implement the Force Touch technology from the Apple Watch and recent MacBook models onto its next iPhones, but a new report says only the larger model will make the leap.

The United Daily News in Taiwan has a fresh report about Apple’s plans, noting that the Force Touch sensors made by companies TPK and GIS will cost about three times as much for the so-called iPhone 6s Plus than the Apple Watch.

But there’s no mention of the technology coming to the standard iPhone 6s, which seems to imply that Apple may use the larger phone as a testing ground for Force Touch on phones. After all, the current iPhone 6 Plus (seen above, with the iPhone 6) has optical image stabilisation that the smaller version doesn’t, so there’s some precedent here.

They’re not exactly comparable, however: implementing Force Touch on one new phone but not the surely-higher-selling other means developers will have to offer different interfaces for the models. App developers already have to accommodate several different Apple device form factors, but that’s a big ask.

Of course, right now, this is all speculation – and Apple probably won’t comment on any of this for another five months, when the new iPhones are expected to debut. So for now, it’s wishful thinking that Force Touch will hit larger screens, but we’re certainly optimistic and interested to see how Apple and developers harness the technology.

[Source: UDN via Cult of Mac]

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