FileSonic has disabled file sharing following Megaupload’s persecution

The chain reaction begins. But will this gradual erosion spell the end for online file sharing?

Unlimited file-sharing site FileSonic has committed hara-kiri by disabling all sharing capabilities on its site. It'll still operate as an online personal storage space in which you can only access and download your own files.

The fact that this has happened after the FBI’s persecution and shutting down of Megaupload is no coincidence – file sharing sites are getting scared, and we don’t blame them.

We’ve already expressed how we feel about Megaupload shutting down and with Filesonic’s latest changes, we fear that other file sharing websites like Dropbox could follow suit.

With recent blackouts protesting against the SOPA and PIPA acts and with the controversial ACTA legislation still lingering around, the future of the internet as we know it appears to be changing rapidly. Here's to hoping that it changes for the better...

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