The Fender Vaporizer amp takes your guitar back to the 1950s

It’s Bill Haley meets The Jetsons with this beautiful compact retro amplifier
Fender Vaporizer takes your guitar back to the 1950s

An old guitar amplifier? Well I suppose there is some technology in ancient analogue electronics...

It’s not old, you ninny – this is a brand new amp from the maestros at Fender. It just looks old thanks to its rather lovely retro styling, which evokes 1950s and 1960s Americana. Think Ford Thunderbirds, Teddy Boys, fallout shelters and the early days of rock ‘n’ roll.

Fender Vaporizer in red

It's pretty, at least

Indeed it is. It’s part of Fender’s Pawn Shop range of modern amps that offer old-school looks (and to an extent, an old-school sound). It’s available in three colours too: Surf Green, Slate Blue and Rocket Red. Bill Haley would be in raptures.


Technical details… if it has any?

It’s a tube amplifier with 12W of power and two input jacks: one for ‘normal’ sound and one for ‘bright’ sound for that classic, sunny guitar tone. And then there's the vaporizer circuit which introduces a dirty, overblown, overdriven sound for a bourbon-soaked rockabilly vibe.

Oh, and it does all that in a compact, fairly lightweight amp: 629 x 432 x 267mm, and 16.8kg.

Get me pomade, I need to style my quiff. How can I get one?

Well, you can go and grab your axe right now, youngster, because the Vaporizer is currently in stock with a number of UK suppliers. Expect to pay around £375.