Evi steps into the virtual assistant arena, has Siri in its sights

It looks like Siri has some fierce competition. Which assistant will you be hiring?

True Knowledge has released a formidable competitor to Apple's iPhone 4S Virtual Assistant, Siri. Ladies and Gentleman, meet Evi.

Available for £0.69 from the App Store or as a free beta in the Android Market, Evi is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running iOS 4. 0 and above – a real advantage over Siri which won’t officially work on anything other than an iPhone 4S.

Evi comes packing the same Nuance voice recognition that powers Siri – and has the added benefit of actually using location data in the UK. Having access to a database of nearly 1 billion facts and integration with Yelp and other services should also give it enough firepower to stand up to its Apple-made rival.

The only thing Evi can’t do is integrate with your calendars, alarms and reminders – but we’re hoping a future update will soon change that.

Why not watch the video below and take Evi for a spin? Just try not to neglect Siri too much. It might get jealous and take revenge with a flurry of early morning alarms…

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