Dyson's air purifier is coming to the UK, because your house is filthy

Indoor air pollution up to 5x worse than outside, you disgusting lot

You can't see it, but the air you're breathing in right this second is absolutely filthy.

According to Dyson, the air inside your house could be as much as five times worse for your lungs than what’s going on outside.

That's because all those lovely modern conveniences meant to keep you warm and dry, like double glazing and wall insulation, actually trap dirty air particles inside your home.

Enter the Pure Cool Link air purifier.

Dyson reckons this stylish bladeless fan can strip 99.95% of all allergens, pollutants and other airborne nasties from the air around you, keeping your lungs clean and stopping you getting sick quite so often.

It's got a unique glass HEPA filter (HEPA means as good as it gets, as far as air quality goes) which traps tiny, near-invisible particles before they go up your shnoz.

That includes pollen, mould and bacteria, the three things most likely to make you ill, but also covers much smaller stuff like the fumes from the cleaning sprays you'll find under the sink, and even tobacco smoke.

You've got a choice of more compact Desk and larger, free-standing Tower sizes, but both Pure Cool Link purifiers have the same Air Multipier design as Dyson's other bladeless fans.

They've both got sensors inside that keep a close eye on air quality, and can can kick in automatically if the readings drop below a set amount. It'll dial down to the lowest setting and dim the LED display when it's time for bed, so you can get a good night's sleep.

There's even a smartphone app that'll let you control the fan, keep an eye on the temperature, and get a live air quality report so you can tell the purifier is working its magic.

Whether you believe in Dyson's bold claims or think they're just a load of hot air, you've still got a great looking fan that'll keep you cool in the summer.

The Desk model costs £350 and the Tower purifier will set you back £450. Both should be available today directly from Dyson.