Could the next iPhone have Lytro’s light field camera technology?

Can't seem to focus? Don't worry, the next iPhone could render dodgy snaps a thing of the past

An upcoming book called ‘Inside Apple’ by author Adam Lashinsky has revealed that Steve Jobs showed an interest in Lytro’s light field camera technology, 9to5mac reports.

Lytro unveiled the world’s first light field camera in October and made quite a buzz in the techosphere, thanks to its ability to focus on image subjects after a photo had already been taken.

The Apple co-founder met with Lytro’s CEO Ren Ng and requested an email outlining three things the innovative camera company would like to do with Apple, suggesting that there could already be blueprints in the works for an iPhone with Lytro optics built-in.

With a Lytro camcorder also on the table, our gadget senses are tingling at the possibility of a next-gen iPhone with fancy light field technology built in. Join us in dreaming, won’t you?

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