Connect TV adds internet channels to Freeview

Expand your viewing set-up without an expensive wedge of Smart TV

If the chances of you splashing out on a fancy Smart TV from LG or Samsung are about as likely as this being your next pad, you'll probably be sat in front of your seemingly boring box bitching about your mates as we speak.

But all is not lost – Connect TV is charging to your rescue with a new platform for Freeview that lets you select internet TV channels from within your existing EPG.

The initial line-up will include 45 channels. None of them are exactly getting our pulses racing – but it'll be worth keeping an eye to see if any big names join the Connect TV party. And it's compatible with all 5.5m Freeview HD boxes around the country from the outset.

Not all additional content will be free, Connect TV is the first to stress. So in theory the platform opens up an easy way to access video on demand and subscription broadband content from your trusty TV without upgrading the hardware, assuming you're happy with the picture. Sounds like a win-win to us.

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