Commodore's Amiga Mini is its first PC in 20 years

Yes, you read that right. Commodore is back with a more than respectably specced PC for 2012

Here's a bit of retro-tinged delight to combat all this talk of Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades and pixel wars – look what Commodore's gone and done. The Amiga Mini has just been announced and on first impressions, we think this premium Mac Mini rival could have more of a shot than you'd first think.

Cosy up to the classic Commodore 64 console and take a look at these specs: the Amiga Mini has a 3.5GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 1TB of HDD and a Blu-ray optical drive. There's also a GeForce GT 430 graphics card in there, room for two more hard drives if you need more space and the Amiga Mini will run on Commodore's Vision OS, based on Linux.

We're not in Kansas anymore – Commodore's new PC seems serious about a big reinvention with this tiny box. And it's got a price tag to match as the Amiga Mini is now on sale in the US for US$2500 (£1600).

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