CogniToys smart dinosaur teaches and talks with your kid, is powered by IBM’s Watson

Intelligent toy is a true child companion that has evolving conversations - now on Kickstarter

Many children are already masters of touch devices, computers, and all sorts of other tech, but if you’re seeking something that bridges the gap between app and always-there companion, check out CogniToys from Elemental Path.

The first CogniToys offering is a mini dinosaur, which activates its Internet-connected smart features with a touch of its tummy button. Once awake, you can ask thousands of questions and converse with the toy, as well as hear (and create) stories, trade jokes, and help develop its personality.

It’ll learn from your child over time, adjusting its responses to match his or her education level while shaking up topics to help kids learn even more. And parents can monitor the progress over time via a web portal, which also lets you tweak the content.

The cloud-powered dinosaur is built on the back of IBM’s artificially intelligent supercomputer, Watson. Elemental Path won last year’s IBM Watson Mobile App Developer Challenge, and in turn gained access to the computer, which allows CogniToys to learn and shape their content for each child.

A Kickstarter campaign for the toy just went live this morning, attempting to raise US$50,000 (about £32,500) to get the dinosaur into backers’ hands come November. And it’s well on its way, already racking up more than US$28,000 (about £18,225) from 288 backers. Just US$99 (~£65) will get you the dinosaur, so if you want to be one of the first to bring this chatty dino home, sign up now.

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