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Carphone Warehouse unveils £5 mobile phone

It's hard not to be depressed right now – rubbish weather, a new series of I'm a Celebrity and an economy about to do a Leeds United. And while

Coming in at just £4.95, the Samsung B130 isn’t going to win any design awards or give the high–end folks at HTC, Apple and Google any headaches. But then that’s the whole point. If money’s tight, this is where it’s at.

The phone itself will obviously handle calls and texts, as well as do some old–school WAP surfing. It’s like 2003 all over again. That said, if you just need a cheap phone and don’t want to hand over hundreds for an iPhone or HTC Touch HD, then why not nab it now?

Team it up with a netbook and you’ve got credit crunch chic tech for next to nothing. For more ideas on keeping costs down, check out our gadgets to beat the recession and budget services to see off the credit crunch.


Samsung B130

Price: £4.95

On sale: Now

Contact: Carphone Warehouse

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