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Carl Pei confirms Nothing won’t launch Phone 2 anytime soon

There's Nothing to get excited about just yet

Nothing Phone 1 front and rear on grey background

Nothing, the new techy kid on the block only released its first smartphone this year. Despite only hitting the shelves a few months ago, the imaginatively named Phone 1 is a serious mid-range contender. But it looks like the company won’t be following the popular device with a Phone 2 – for a while, at least.

The brand’s founder, Carl Pei, announced that Nothing doesn’t have plans to release a new phone in the near future. In a recent tweet, the ex-OnePlus founder stated that the brand is focused on doing a few things well. Digging at other companies, he mentioned that Nothing won’t release “dozens of products a year like many others”.

Rather, Nothing is focusing on improving its existing products. While Android 13 has been out for quite a while, the update hasn’t made its way to Phone 1. Pei’s tweet shared that the brand is working on something “really great” for its version of an Android 13 update.

The company’s commitment to producing fewer, but higher-quality products, is a refreshing approach in an industry that often prioritizes quantity over quality. While the Phone 1 isn’t the game-changer that Nothing promised, it signals good things to come from the young brand. Pei’s news, however, will come as a disappointment to fans who were hoping for a follow-up to the successful launch of Phone 1.

Overall, the announcement highlights Nothing’s dedication to producing high-quality products and its focus on delivering a limited number of exceptional products, rather than a large number of mediocre ones. This approach is sure to be welcomed by fans and customers alike. We just need to get to Phone 2 first, but it won’t be anytime soon.

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