Bugatti Noun: a glass toaster that can also cook a steak

Or vegetables, or a slice of pizza. And yes, it’s real
Sure, sure, cook some peppers in Bugatti's glass toaster

Whoa. A glass toaster. Is this some kind of mock-up?Nope, this is a real product that’s just been launched at Milan’s EuroCucina 2014 expo. It’s called the Noun, it’s made by Bugatti (the Italian kitchen appliance maker, not the French luxury car brand) and it’s going to go on sale in the not-too-distant future.

But it’s glass… How does it toast bread?Well it clearly (arf!) doesn’t work in the same way as your standard, grill-based toaster. The two ceramic glass plates are capable of conducting heat, which means they can cook anything with which they come into contact. That can be bread, crumpets, bagels – and much, much more.

More?Bugatti has created heat-resistant bags which allow the Noun to cook other foods. Foods you wouldn’t normally want sitting in your toaster, like sliced vegetables, prawns and steak. A smartphone app allows you to control the temperature and cooking times to a fine degree (double arf!), and allows you to look up recipes to boot.

And the price for this see-through luxury?The Noun will cost something in the region of US$1,000 (£600). So a bit pricier than your Breville sandwich toaster, I’m afraid.

[Via CNET]