BlackBerry Music Gateway adds NFC pairing to Bluetooth streaming

BlackBerry World has opened its doors and the first new BB treat is this updated wireless streaming add-on. Nice.

If you've got an NFC-enabled BlackBerry (like the Bold 9900) and you're not sure what to do with it, RIM might have just the music accessory for you. Over at BlackBerry World in Orlando, RIM has unveiled a new version of its plug-in BlackBerry Music Gateway which lets you stream tunes via Bluetooth to your home or car stereo.

Now, you can pair your BlackBerry handset to the stereo with just a tap thanks to the NFC tech in compatible models then use it as a remote control for playback, changing tracks and volume control. You can stream from your BlackBerry PlayBook too but you'll have to wait for the rumoured 4G and NFC version till you can go all out with RIM's tablet.

With the new accessory due in June, the BlackBerry UK store is without a price for now but over in the US, the new NFC-enabled Music Gateway will only set you back US$50.

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