BlackBerry Bridge now controls your PS3 or Xoom

The BlackBerry Bridge update brings remote control functions to your mobile

BlackBerry might have stumbled on rocky ground with the PlayBook but its latest Bridge update for mobiles promises more open hardware sharing treats.

The update uses Bluetooth HID to turn your BlackBerry smartie into a handy touchscreen remote – great if you’re doing a presentation on your Xoom or your PS3 controller is just out of reach. Apparently it works on a host of devices but we've yet to see that in action.

This fun BlackBerry Bridge update comes as the PlayBook OS 2.0 roll-out is imminent, suggesting that your mobile will have even more tablet control than before.

Ideal for those hardcore BlackBerry fans who would prefer to use their mobile’s hardware keyboard over everything else. Stay tuned for the latest on PlayBook OS 2.0 – and our MWC coverage.

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