This bio-organic battery can charge a smartphone in 30 seconds

Prototype battery miraculously charged a Samsung Galaxy S4 to 100% under a minute but will cost more to make
The future is here: A phone battery that charges in 30 seconds

Imagine charging a Samsung S4 smartphone from zero power to a full battery in just 30 seconds.

That's exactly what happened at the Microsoft Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv, thanks to a prototype battery by Israeli startup StoreDot.

StoreDot's demo battery pack – about the size of a cigarette packet – contains biological structures called nano-dots.

The "tiny self-assembling nano-crystals" were discovered during an Alzheimer's disease study at Tel Aviv University a decade back; they're spheres that are made up peptide molecules with a diameter of 2.1 nanometers.

Natural staying power

StoreDot has used the nano-dots in memory chips that they claim run three times faster than traditional flash memory and has even used it as an alternative to the cadmium in screens.

The downside is that StoreDot predicts the batteries will cost at least 30-40% more, but making them? That won't be too hard, the company says.

The firm estimates it might take three years before its battery pack could become commercially viable and believes that they will be able to integrate the battery within a smartphone in a year.

[Source: BBC News]