Best headphones for Christmas 2012

Here's our selection of festive tune pumpers to do your music – and your ears – justice

Parrot Zik


This auditory work of art designed by Phillipe Starck puts more tech on your head than Inspector Gadget's hat. Bluetooth noise-cancelling tech banishes pesky commuting distractions, while a detachable wire lets you carry on listening when the replaceable battery runs out. Not only that, the Ziks also have a touch panel built directly into the right ear cup for hassle-free track skipping and volume adjusting.

Motörhead Iron Fist headphones


Don't let the soft velvet ear pads fool you – these Motörhead endorsed Iron Fists are more than ready to inject some meaty guitar shredding directly into your brain. Some might consider the extra 2.5m cable overkill, but it's perfect for rocking out.

Philips Fidelio X1/100


These serious head huggers feature memory foam ear cups wrapped in leather for treating your lugs to a bit of luxury. For home listening, those open backs and a 50mm premium driver in the business end of things mean they pack a serious punch in the audio department, too.

Phonak Audéo PFE 232


400 notes for a pair of in ear offerings seems absurdly steep, but these Phonaks serve up one of the best personal audio listening experiences around – earvana, if you will. With replaceable audio filters for individual sound configurations, high-precision armature drivers and a perfect fit, they're the ultimate musical treat.

Sennheiser Momentum


These sleek and stylish Sennheisers sport an eye-catching brushed stainless steel and leather construction. They're not all about looks though – a fact that's attested by an inline mic and remote for music and call juggling.

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