BBC announces 3D Olympics coverage

Auntie Beeb dons 3D specs to fling Olympic rings in your face

The BBC's taken a pretty cautious approach to 3D broadcasting, unlike its 3D-happy commercial rival Sky. Auntie Beeb's dipped its toe into the 3D waters with test broadcasts of Wimbledon and Strictly Come Dancing.

Now it's set to expand its 3D coverage with broadcasts from the London 2012 Olympics. Obviously you're not going to get the whole of the Games in 3D – the BBC's treating it as an "experiment." Still, some of the key highlights will be shown in 3D – the BBC is planning to broadcast the opening and closing ceremonies and the men's 100m final live, as well as nightly highlights packages.

The BBC HD channel will be used to broadcast 3D programming during the Olympics, so if you've got a 3D TV and don't want to pony up for Sky 3D, you'll finally have some live 3D telly to watch.

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