Asus killing off 9in Eee PCs

When netbooks were just a novelty gadget, it was all about screens you needed to squint at and a body that could slide into your backpack with plenty

But now the company that changed everything with the 9in sized netbook, Asus, is calling time on their smaller models, instead throwing its lot in with the 10in 1000 series models instead.

Electricpig has the skinny, with an Asus suit 'fessing up that it was making 95 per cent of their netbook cash from the bigger models. Word is Acer has cleaned up with their 9in Aspire One models, so Asus wants to start hitting back with bigger, easier to use models.

While the original Eee PC 700 and Eee PC 900 are gadget classics, they were severely hampered by their tiny keyboards. There's no doubting the 1000 series is where it's at.

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