Apple’s Live Photos begin to land on Facebook

Bring on the animated News Feed

Are you an iPhone 6s owner? Congratulations - that 3D Touch screen might become a whole lot more useful.

Facebook, you see, has begun rolling out support for Apple’s Live Photos feature, which means your News Feed will soon be full of babies and cats moving around, Harry Potter-style.

Live Photos, introduced in iOS 9, are moving images that are created when 1.5 seconds of footage is recorded before and after the shutter button is pressed.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners with 3D Touch screens can animate these photos with a slight bit of pressure, while regular screen-toting users can still get things moving with an on-screen button.

The Live Photos support will begin rolling out slowly, with a larger rollout set for next year, but if you do happen to see a moving on-screen kitten on your lunch break, then don’t worry, you’re not losing your mind. Probably.

[via Tech Radar]