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Apple is making an Android app to convert users to iPhone and iPad

It'll transfer over much of your crucial data and point you towards your favorite apps

At its WWDC 2015 keynote yesterday, Apple revealed the Apple Music service and confirmed the long-rumoured tidbit about it also coming to Android. That’s pretty amazing, considering the company in question – but it’s not even the only Android app that Apple is developing right now.

The other one makes a lot more sense in the mobile wars: Move to iOS is an app that will help users of Android devicess transfer their data to an iPhone or iPad, as well as find the iOS equivalents of the apps they use on Android. Now that sounds like something Apple would do.

According to Apple’s iOS 9 preview site, the app will let you move over contacts, your message history, saved photos and videos, accounts, wallpaper, DRM-free media, and more. And then it’ll point you towards the free apps you already use that are also on the iOS App Store, and put the paid apps on your iTunes Wish List.

Apple previously wrote up a guide on how to do all of this stuff manually, but soon software will be involved, making it a much more aggressive-seeming ploy. And the exclamation mark is the note on the screen of the app that says, "You can recycle this Android phone for free at any Apple Store." Ouch.

Given its placement on the iOS 9 preview listing, it seems likely that this app will launch with the new OS sometime this autumn, making it an ideal companion to the iPhone 6s or 7, or whichever new handset Apple releases alongside the OS. And imagine if the Apple Music app on Android points users towards this app as a friendly suggestion. We’re certainly curious to see how hard Apple pushes potential new customers towards its hardware.

[Source: Apple via The Verge]

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