Apple iPod Touch, Classic and Shuffle updates

Today's Apple news is all about the music, so we've seen a lot of iPod related announcements. Among it all is a lot of small changes in the core iPod

For starters, the 16GB iPod Touch is out in favour of a cheaper 8GB version (£149), but the 32GB version (£229) remains, joined by a massive 64GB version (£299).

On top of that, the iPod Touch is 50% faster and has improved graphics, which is great news for mobile gaming.

While rumours had been buzzing that the iPod Classic was to get the chop, the old boy remains, and has even had a boost in capacity from 120GB to 160GB. There's been just a slight price increase to accomodate this – up £14 to £189.

Finally, the Shuffle has acquired some new colours – pink, green, blue, silver and black – available in the original 4GB size for the same £59, and a cheaper 2GB version as well for £45.

For those of you with a penchant for special editions, there will also be a stainless steel 4GB Shuffle available exclusively from the Apple Store for a bumped up price of £75.

For the full Apple announcement rundown, check out the live blog and keep an eye on the news channel for more news, hands on pictures and videos.