Apple iPhone 4: our exclusive unboxing

There's only one thing that beats the joy of opening the box of the latest gadget. And that's opening the box of a brand new iPhone. The iPhone 4 goes

The iPhone 4 goes on sale tomorrow. If you're planning to get one, here's how the first few minutes will feel. And if you're not... well, here's what you're missing.

1. The box. Yes, it's just a box. But it does have a shiny apple logo on. And that photo of the screen can't be real, right? Right?

2. The opening. First impressions: looks like an iphone.

3. …but then you see the screen, and you realise that this is no ordinary iPhone.

4. The iPhone 4 will work with older iPhone docks, but Apple has produced an iPhone 4-specific dock too (£25, pictured). Don't expect anything other than a standard dock connector and audio out - there's no video output (you'll need a £39 component AV cable for that). Still, at least it shows off the iPhone's gorgeous new profile. More hard-edged. Less comfortable in the hand, true, but much more desirable.

5. A better view of the screen. But still not quite good enough. The camera's picking up a bit of a moiré pattern but there's no pixellation visible to the human eye, no matter how close you hold it.

6. Just gorgeous. The new hi-res icons and text really make the screen look out of this world.

7. And if you want to ruin something beautiful, dress it in day glo. Say hello to the Bumper (£25).

8. Fortunately the black version of the Bumper looks much more chic. Why would you wrap your iPhone 4 in (not at all) cheap plastic? Well, it does a good job of lifting the glass front and back away from any potential scratchy surfaces. We've also witnessed the bumpered-up iPhone 4 being hurled across a room and surviving a nasty impact with a wall. Which could come in handy, given that the new gyro sensor will allow for Wii-style motion gaming.

9. The iPhone 4's screen vs the iPhone 3G S's screen (below). Capturing the brilliance of the 640x960-pixel Retina Display isn't easy, particularly when our blog pictures are limited to being just 440 pixels wide. But you get a pretty good idea of what doubling the resolution looks like from the pic below. Text is unbelievably crisp - you can read a website even when you're zoomed out.

10. The iPhone 4 is significantly thinner than the 3G S, but it doesn't really feel it because it replaces those feminine curves with masculine hard edges. The new buttons are beautiful, but it's a real shame they don't double as shutter controls for the camera - you're still left   performing thumb gymnastics to hit the virtual button when you want to take a snap.

So that's what the first few minutes feel like. Now take a look at our exclusive in-depth review and our video review.

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