5 of the best video game prop replicas

Fight evil IRL with this assortment of video game replicas. Birds, guns, and portal devices – we've got them all

Valve replica Portal gun


Finally, the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device can be yours. Featuring orange and blue LEDs as well as authentic firing sounds, this replica Portal gun will instantly increase the geek cred of any room it graces. Only 5,000 will be produced worldwide so get your pre-orders in nice and early in time for the inevitable robot uprising. Cake, anyone?

Minecraft foam sword


Your trusty iron sword may come in handy in the world of Minecraft, but it will do you little good on a computer screen when you're under attack by rogue pigeons, cats or hordes of undead. This foam replica sword might not have a cutting edge, but the mere sight of it should strike fear into any enemy you encounter. Hopefully.

Mass Effect 3 M-8 Avengers assault rifle


This 1:1 scale replica from the outstanding Mass Effect 3 (reviewed here) has been masterfully crafted and painted to give an accurate representation of its in-game counterpart. Sure it might not fire anything per se, but if looks could kill, you'd be king of the slaughter house for sure.

Gears of War 'Team Metal' Lancer replica


Modelled from the actual 3D data used by Epic in Gears of War 3, this hand-painted lancer gun replica measures in at a whopping 3ft in length and features trigger activated machine gun sounds. We're working on converting this bad boy into a paintball gun for the ultimate in Saturday afternoon fear-fuelled mayhem. Minus the curb stomps of course.

Angry Birds giant plush


Sure this feathery red fellow may seem rather angry, but that won't stop us from squeezing his portly 16in plushy figure. Suitable for stress relieving hugs or lobbing at enemies, this non-lethal avian weapon should nicely supplement your Angry Birds addiction long after you've run your battery dry from over-playing once again.

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