5 of the best Apple gadgets under Steve Jobs

Apple under Tim Cook has a tough act to follow, check out Steve's greatest hits

iMac (1998)

The first iMac saw in the new millenium two years early – it was Apple's saviour and Steve Jobs' come-back gadget after his falling out with the company years earlier. The iMac was the first home computer with a USB port and the translucent cases made it stand out in a sea of boring desktop PCs.

iPod (2001)

What MP3 player isn't now in debt to the iPod in some way? It won every tech award going plus Apple has sold over 300 million of the pocket players in a decade. More importantly, the iPod and iTunes gave tech lovers a bite of the Apple ecosystem – many couldn't resist going back for more.

MacBook (2006)

With Apple's best-selling Macintosh computer, the MacBook, consumers with wallets at the lighter end of the scales could get in on some Apple flavoured entry-level laptop action. Suddenly people just had to sit in Starbucks to get any work done.  


iPhone (2007)

The iPhone is what happens when Apple designers get to go as minimalist as they please. The multi-touch screen, user interface and App Store have all been the things to beat in smartphones since but manufacturers like Samsung and HTC are now closing the gap.

iPad (2010)

After a rocky start – half of us considered selling our right leg for one and half of us just didn't get it – the iPad has basically created a whole new market for tablets. Only time will tell if Apple's tablet can stem the Android invasion that's now in full swing.  


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