5 of the best adventure gadgets

Any self-respecting thrillseeker won't leave home without a bag full of outdoorsy gadgets

Luta Performance Training Hoodie £110

Don't just stand around admiring the scenery, jump off it. Don the water-resistant, breathable Luta Performance Training Hoodie, also good for skydiving and paragliding, and take the plunge.

GoPro HD Hero 960 headcam £200

Capture the ten seconds of bungee jumping terror with the GoPro HD Hero 960, which will shoot 2.5 hours of 960p HD – if you feel the need climb back to the top of the bridge for some more. 

Dakine Heli Pack bag £45

For mountain biking and hiking, keep kit to a minimum and bung it in the compact Dakine Heli Pack; it's especially handy come ski season as snowboards and skis can be strapped to the bag's back.

Teva Forge Pro shoes £90

The multipurpose but dapper Teva Forge Pros will take you seamlessly (and comfortably) from day to night adventures on your trip.

Ricoh PX camera £180

If boarding a raft to tackle some rapids sounds more fun, capture the ride on the shockproof, waterproof Ricoh PX.


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