3D print your very own Mini-Me

One London-based company is harnessing the latest tech to create eerily lifelike miniature doppelgangers

Desk decorations are, in general, fairly boring. A framed photo of the family. A wilting fern. A dancing flower if you’re a bit “zanier”. But a startup called Levavo lets you do something much more interesting: create a miniature statue of yourself.

Full body scanning

my3dtwin two person pose

Pay Levavo’s East London studio a visit and they will take a full body scan of your chosen pose (apparently this takes a second, similar to having a photo taken). Pretty much any pose is possible, and Levavo told us that soon it’ll be able to scan two people at once (it’s still in the testing phase, but things are looking good).

Three sizes available

my3Dtwin triple

When you’re happy with how it looks on the computer, the data is sent to a 3D printer for creation. The figurine – which Levavo has dubbed “my3DTwin” is then painted and sent to you, although you’ll have to wait up to a week for that. Three sizes are available: 15cm for £84; 20cm for £120; and 25cm for £192.

What you do with your 3D doppelganger is entirely up to you, but we strongly suggest you don’t let it fall into the hands of any voodoo-capable enemies…