Standard laptop mice are a pain. Sure, they’re marginally preferable to the slow death of using a trackpad, but are one more thing to clutter your laptop bag and get stamped on by the simians who dwell behind the rubber flaps in the baggage hall.

The Mogo avoids all this by being thin enough to slot into your laptop's PC card expansion slot, thereby taking up precisely zero extra space in your luggage. It also charges while it's there, so you don't have to drag spare batteries around.

Simple to use

To use it, you simply yank it out and click out the stand in the bottom. It automatically switches on and hunts for a Bluetooth connection on your laptop. You've got to set this up for the first use, but after that it will come online automatically, meaning you’re up and running in seconds.

Big in the boardroom

With a laser sensor, scroll pad and back button it's got all the features you'd expect from a much larger rodent. It pulls its weight in the boardroom too, with slide forward/back controls, a blank screen function and built-in laser pointer.

Granted, it could look nicer, and it takes some getting used to as you train your fingers not to move too far off the closely-clustered controls. But it's surprisingly comfortable to use, and the convenience of not having to rummage for a mouse and a dongle is a huge plus.

Bring your own Bluetooth

It does rely on your having a laptop with built-in Bluetooth, however. And it's so small there's always the risk you'll leave it behind, buried in post-meeting detritus. But remember to keep it in its PC card slot home and you’ll get many hours of joy from the Mogo.


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