• KTM Macina Race 29 Review

What’s the deal?

Fit bikers go faster, for longer. Geek bikers can do just that, without (some of) the sweat and tears. The 250W Bosch motor on this 29-inch wheeled KTM adds power to your pedal – yes, you do have to pedal – to get you up to speed and help maintain it. It has four modes: the breezy ‘eco’, range 75 miles, up to the brawny ‘speed’ mode which will nail the battery in 40ish. Charge time, via a standard plug, is three hours.

And in practice?

There’s a downside, of course – the Macina weighs nearly twice that of a similarly-priced racey mountain bike. But, as we’d expect from KTM – which makes world-class motorbikes – the bike is well-balanced. And the motor really does give it a wicked burst of speed, as well as 30kph cruising on the flat. It’s better than any other electric bike we’ve tested. Worth the weight.

Stuff says... 

KTM Macina Race 29 review

A little heavy, but well worth it for that healthy injection of speed when your legs need a break
KTM Macina Race 29 Review