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Sleeping on the job
2 days ago

Figuring out what kind of exercise to do in the first place is enough to bring us out in a sweat. It might involve running a few kilometres around a park and then lolloping around the flat, but then we start vacuuming and become preoccupied with the filth that lives on the floor. Sound familiar? Thanks to Polar’s FitSpark you’ll stay on track and be delivered a training programme and on-demand workouts via a large and colourful watch face. Each workout is created based on your general fitness level, sleep, recovery and training history. You’ll be fed all sorts of data showing time spent in different heart-rate zones and indicating if you’re slacking or working to your max. With GPS on-board, don’t be afraid to take your sweat fest outside too. Polar is also interested in what you’re up to the other 23 hours in the day, and not in a creepy way, more determining sleep quality, calorie intake and ‘Nightly Recharge’ which measures your automatic nervous system recovery, closely linked to stress levels. Plus, with 4 days battery in watch mode, it’ll still be working even when you've stopped, serving up your smartphone notifications. Light on the wrist at 32g, it’ll be available in black, white, pink and blue for €149.90/£134.50, and sadly it won't be able to wash your floors. That can be your cool down.