Pay in style with the McLEAR Smart ring

Pay precious
06 December 2018 / 11:56GMT

You’re flying around the city, swinging by cafés for your caffeine hit, swooping through tube barriers - there’s only one thing that’ll crash your flow. Namely, the sudden, panicked and unwelcome stall as you rummage through all the pockets in your bag, coat, under your hat trying to find your wallet. Sure, you can pay with your phone for most things now, and there’s plenty of wrist payment bands too, but nothing can match the delicacy of casually grazing one of your digits across a pay terminal as you can with the McLEAR smart ring (£129). Pair the ring with the companion app, connect to an existing bank account, verify your identity and it’ll work just like any contactless payment devices, there is a £30 limit though - and you can suspend the app immediately if you lose the thing. It doesn’t require charging, is fully waterproof, hypoallergenic and comes in 20 sizes to fit all manner of fleshy pointers.