New Balance launches FuelCell trainer range to 'power up your run'

Running man
23 May 2019 / 11:03BST

New Balance is preparing to launch a new range of 'FuelCell' trainers that promise to "power up your run." The series comprises four pairs for running trainers designed using high-powered analytics, with the company studying form, shape, efficiency, and fit in minute detail to squeeze every drop of performance out of its new line-up. New Balance will debut the range with the launch of the FuelCell Rebel (£120) on June 5, which just so happens to be Global Running Day. The Rebel includes FuelCell tech in the forefoot to create a high-rebound but lightweight running experience, and also sports a distinct traction pattern designed for midfoot to forefoot runners. The rest of the FuelCell line will arrive this Autumn, so keep your ear to the ground if your in the market for some new sneaks.