MB&F’s HM6 update adds hand-made aliens to its sapphire crystal ticker

And it glows in the dark, too
01 June 2017 / 11:33BST

It’s rare, we’d assume, for purchasers of limited-edition watches styled like spacecraft to get jealous of someone else’s timepiece. Rare, it would seem, because that jealousy stems from a re-release of the same watch (MB&F’s HM6), with tiny, hand-crafted alien crew-members sitting inside it. Crew members that are, naturally, made from white gold. Meet the HM6 Alien Nation: besides its other-worldly inhabitants, this edition features an all-sapphire crystal build reinforced with titanium, together with luminous elements - presumably to draw attention to the otherwise subtle shell. Only four have been made - which might be why it costs a staggering US$500,000.