LET Glass smart specs use your bones to transmit audio, leaving your ears free

Feel it in your bones
11 January 2018 / 18:00GMT

Headphones are great – right up until you end up in a river because you were listening to Ed Sheeran on the sly, and didn’t hear someone screaming: “You’re about to ride your bike into a river, you idiot.” With LET Glass (from $119), you keep your ears free. This pair of smart specs – which can have polarised and prescription lenses installed – uses bone conduction to transmit audio to your inner ear, avoiding eardrum damage, helping you stay aware of your surroundings, and letting you listen to music without anyone knowing it. LET Glass has AI smarts, too, from feeding you weather forecasts first-thing to directions and calls via a smartphone. Just don’t give the game away by nodding to the beat when you’re supposed to be chatting with the in-laws.