Artenix Band charges your Apple watch while you’re still wearing it

Band together
10 June 2019 / 15:36BST

Apple Watch is great for tracking your life – until it runs out of juice. Artenix Band ($134) deals with this problem by charging up your Apple Watch while it’s still on your wrist. Batteries have been cleverly integrated into Artenix’s premium leather band, and reportedly extend your Apple Watch’s life for up to 16 hours – or charge it from dead to 75 per cent in about 90 minutes. If you’re done charging and don’t care for the extra heft, there are standard bands as well, and you can quickly swap between them using the connector piece your Watch is attached to. Be wary when pledging, though, because there are separate standard and charging options, if you don’t go for the full three-piece set; and last time Stuff checked, a leather band alone isn’t yet enough to charge your Apple Watch – no matter how fancy it is.