The Apex Pro is the first ever touchscreen multi-sport smartwatch from Coros

Time for an adventure
24 September 2019 / 11:18BST

Coros is expanding its Apex line of smartwatches with the multi-sport Apex Pro ($499); a fancier version of the standard Apex that promises a deluge of upgrades and new features. If you can’t quite place the name, Coros arrived on the scene (mid-wheelie) a few years back with its Linx Helmet offering jawbone conduction audio for cyclists who insisted on hearing road rage from passing motorists. It’s since moved into wearables with the Apex Pro representing its most advanced model yet. For starters, the Pro ups the ante with an all new sapphire glass touchscreen display – the first time Coros has used touchscreen tech on a smartwatch – and a more lavish titanium bezel and aluminium body. It also packs in entirely new features including a Pulse Oximeter and Altitude Advisory that’ll hint to adrenaline junkies when it thinks it’s safe for them to push their vertical limits or turn around and go through the mines of Moria instead. Regardless of the new tech, Coros claims the Pro can deliver up to 14 per cent more battery life compared to the standard Apex.