Sony XG83 leads the 4k HDR mid-range for humbler budgets

Waving the flag for the non-flagship tellies
01 February 2019 / 15:00GMT

It can be a little hard to get excited about mid-range TVs, when their flagship counterparts are all fancy tech and cutting-edge specs. But when you consider the tech that’s running these mid-range beauties was flagship stuff just a year or two ago, it’s a smart way to spend a more humble budget. Sony has just announced four new 4K HDR sets that tick this box – the XG83, XG81, XG80 and XG70 – which come in a variety of screen sizes to suit your room of choice. The XG83 tops the lot, boasting Sony’s proprietary X1 processor at its heart, promising better definition, more natural colours and enhanced depth for a more realistic picture. As is usual for Sony tellies, Android TV runs the smarts on the XG80, XG81 and XG83, with Google Assistant built in too, but the XG70 keeps things a little simpler with a built-in web-browser and one-click access to Netflix and YouTube. No firm release date or prices just yet, but expect them "soon".