LG’s 65in rollable OLED makes every other TV look boring

Estimated release date: 2067
08 January 2018 / 17:48GMT

We’re all for incremental notebook updates, but no CES would be complete without one or two jaw-dropping concept products. One of this year’s standouts? A 65in paper thin OLED panel that you can roll up like it’s, well, paper. The prototype is being developed under the LG Display banner, and is an evolution of the 18in set unveiled by the same company a few years ago. Designed with convenience in mind, the telly can be rolled up to free up wall space when not in use, which also makes it far more portable than your average super screen. Apart from almost certainly being 4K UHD, we know precious little about LG’s TV from the future. Just expect it to remain there for the time being.