An all-glass design makes Panasonic’s FX750 4K LED TV a class act

An Ultra HD TV with transparent bezels? Sign us up
14 February 2018 / 16:00GMT

There’s little point in having a TV with a cinema-rivalling picture if the design is a migraine-inducing eyesoar. Fortunately, the folks at Panasonic clearly agree, as their new 4K HDR LED TV – the FX750 – looks like it shipped straight from an art gallery thanks to the paper-thin all-glass exterior and transparent bezels. Still, it’s the screen that’s the real looker here with HDR10+ support making the most of your Amazon Prime Video library, the Hollywood Cinema Experience processor ensuring accurate colours and a 20% increase in peak brightness compared to Panasonic’s 2017 range that makes explosions truly sparkle. The best news of all though? Digging around the back of the sofa for the TV remote is about to become a thing of the past thanks to a post-release firmware update that will give the FX750 Alexa and Google Assistant support. Rejoice! And while party poopers will point out that the LED panel isn’t quite up to OLED standards, the price is expected to take that into account, while a selection of 49in, 55in, 65in and 75in models provides fantastic flexibility once they become available later this year.