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The AnkerWork B600 Video Bar is the webcam you need to banish rubbish video calls

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Video calls aren’t just the preserve of the working from home contingent, they’ve become more common in the office too. 

Most of us have made do with the existing webcams on our laptops, but one thing has become very clear. They’re not very good. 

Thankfully, Anker has an answer in the form of the AnkerWork B600 Video Bar (£230). Simply clip the device onto the top of your laptop or monitor and supercharge your video calls. 

Say goodbye to your blurry mug, with a 2K sensor capable of 30 frames per second, autofocus and AI-powered zoom. 

Plus, the onboard microphone array isolates your voice and reduces background noise. The key light above the camera will not only illuminate your face, but automatically adjust lighting and colour temperature to make sure you look your best and most professional. 

Available 25 January, the AnkerWork B600 Video Bar might be a tangible solution to boosting your 9-5. 

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