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X-Tankcopter hybrid drone takes on all terrains

Is it an RC car? Is it a drone? No! It's X-Tankcopter!

If there’s one thing drones have a problem with it’s the ground. Try to fly one without leaving terra firma and you won’t go very far at all. That is unless you’re at the controls of an X-Tankcopter. It might sound like it was named by a 6-year-old but this hybrid drone has both propellers and Kevlar tank tracks, so it’s equally at home on the deck as it is in the sky. Up front is a 720p camera, so it won’t challenge a DJI for video quality, but a Mavic 2 can’t trundle through tunnels when required, can it? It comes with a proper controller but you can pilot it with just a smartphone, with the ability to draw paths on the screen for the drone to follow. The 900mAh battery will give you about 7 minutes of flying time or 20 minutes on the ground. It’s expected to ship in June with a regular price of US$149, but Indiegogo backers can pick one up for US$99.